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Sword of the fifth level2015-May-29
Sword of the fifth level, Vaillant though amazing, swordsmanship is more subtle, but still did not go beyond Heaven Sword speed limit, is still just a light.

When the speed when the gap is too big ......

More subtle sword is useless.

Torch Road Zuming Ming sword of the fourth level, is still considered by many the strong first three realms Sword, but nothing controversial. As like other Guards as seamless door of the 'dark lightsaber master' That is the sword of the fifth level of the old guy, who said dark lightsaber can not master the first three realms Sword is, after all, still the most fundamental sword 'fast' word.

Even the simple sword 'sting' out, if the speed beyond the speed of light, the power will be ridiculously large, the enemy is very difficult to stop, where speed is the essence of the sword!

poweroakJi Ning had Dongbin think it can become a Sword, Bodhi Taoist although rather more optimistic about the discipline, but they both probably will not think ...... just three hundred years, Ji Ning swordsmanship is high to this point and so on.

The reason why progress is so rapid.

Mainly encounters hone lake within the next month, like many other avatar in the three worlds are pondering the meaning of Wu Ji Ning sword technique, but now from 'Wu sword technique' Dacheng also very far away! Obviously special environment to hone death ...... and alone silently ponder the matter, the effect is completely different. Three Realms can be no 'sadly sword' guidelines 'Lethal sword' of this and other magical sword.

"If I can reach the sword of the fifth level, then I am the undisputed first Sword of Three Realms." Ji Ning was filled with anticipation, but he also knows that to reach the sword of the fifth level,http://www.poweroak.net probably more than the effort to achieve The fifth level of difficulty far.
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some scared adopt change my life2015-May-29
Of course -

Countless lives, some scared adopt change my life who can break the shackles of this layer to reach a higher level.

Ji Ning sword, and now the speed will break the chains.

"Invisible rule, invisible shackles, everywhere in." Ji Ning fingers paddling, fingers in an instant beyond the speed of light, but also to touch the invisible shackles of rules. If you do not really detached, it is simply do not feel the shackles of this layer rule portable solar generator.

"Even the mighty, the same under the control of the three realms of heaven Solar Batteries, etc. that exist only as Nvwaniangniang to detached in Heaven." Ji Ning hearts filled.

Chaos fairy world of God, that is absolute power exceeds the limit rule shackles, reached a new level.

Ji Ning absolute power like the far worse, just beyond the sword of speed only.

"On the fast sword, the look of the Three Realms, I have a top!" Ji Ning secretly Road, "on the fencing, the three worlds I should top three.


Who Realms First Sword in the end?

It has been in the debate.

Recognized as the first year of the Three Realms residence Taoist Fu Sword is dead, it is now relatively respected is the 'flame Taoist' Flame Taoist in fact, like Ji Ning, is only sword of the fourth level, Wu Dacheng sword technique! Among the three realms sword force reaches the fifth level solar energy system of the Mighty One is there are so few of.
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solar battery2015-May-29
Past Ji Ning that Heaven is the rule of the Three Realms runs beyond the limit ...... Heaven is beyond the operating rules of the Three Realms!

But when the moment a real breakthrough, after Ming Wu "Wu sword technique", Ji Ning came to understand the true meaning beyond the limits of Heaven.

Heaven ......

Heaven is not the Three Realms, but everywhere in Heaven!

Pangu chaos as the world, seamless chaotic world have a property of their own 'Heaven', each of the chaos of the world are different from each other in Heaven! Even the endless chaos ...... also cover Heaven chaos everywhere, like on the next lake, the world's prison, vanity and other places equally shrouded in chaos Heaven.

There is an invisible rule Solar Power Generator ...... enveloped the endless chaos all over the place.

In this layer rule, it has many limitations, such as only the fastest speed of light! Time can only continue to move forward, we can not turn the clock back. The so-called magic 'time backtracking' just to watch what happened in the past, but not real time back! Vaillant limit strongest lightning, Solar Power Pack fire, wind, water is much ......

This is the rule, which is shrouded in countless lives yoke body, precisely because of this yoke, a chaotic world in order to stabilize the operation, or if any of its outbreak of chaos, the chaos of the world like the dawn, Solar Batteries I am afraid not so seamless chaotic world collide with each other , on the early destroyed.
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